Monday, April 24, 2017

Welcome Spring With an Annual Wellness Exam

Spring is here and signs of life and renewal are all around us, making it the ideal time to think about your health. In honor of the season, CHS would like to share with you the importance of getting an annual wellness exam.  Even if you are feeling healthy, visiting your physician at least once a year is an important way to maintain your well-being. These visits might also help prevent a future illness. It is really something everyone should do.

To assist you in your spring health check, turn to one source of truth, The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The site offers a comprehensive list of all services included in a Medicare annual wellness exam as well as details on personalized prevention plan services; visit  Also, you will find information about patient-centered Health Risk Assessments or HRAs.

Scheduling a routine visit is simple, and many health insurance plans, including Medicare, cover the cost. These preventive care visits give you and your doctor the opportunity to discuss your full medical and family history, evaluate all current health issues, and provide you with a health risk assessment, including future risks for both medical and mental health conditions and how to prevent them.

To benefit most from your visit, bring a list of your current medications and review it with your doctor to ensure all prescriptions are up-to-date and working in harmony with each other.  Your physician may also want to discuss your immunization records and any additional newly available immunizations you might need. 

Try to take a proactive approach to your health instead of a reactive one.  Actually, you begin to lay the foundation for chronic diseases in your third and fourth decades of life. That is the time to act. Too many people put off seeing a doctor until something is wrong. Often, had they had an annual visit, the issue could have been avoided, been detected, diagnosed, and treated before it developed into something more serious. The benefits of preventive care are countless. 

Visit your physician at least once a year and use that visit to share any and all health concerns. In the end, one visit may result in saving you money, time, and your health. If you need a physician, please visit or call 1-855-CHS-4500.

For more health information, go to CHS’s YouTube channel where you can also view Dr. O’s Health Tips & Solutions.