Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Help Save Lives. Donate Today.

January is National Blood Donor Month, when we  recognize the contributions blood and platelet donors make to patients and to health care to help save lives.

The winter storms cause cancellations and the ability for people to make donations. National Donor Month is a reminder that the inclement weather can threaten hospital’s blood supplies and availability for patients. Winter Storm Jonas recently dumped 20+ inches of snow, making collections even more of a challenge.

Blood can be safely donated every 56 days. Platelets can be given every seven days and up to 24 times a year. Anyone between the ages of 17 and 75 who is in good health and weighs at least 110 pounds can donate blood. Healthy individuals 75 and older can donate blood, if they present written permission from their physician obtained within two weeks of their donation.

To find a blood drive or donation center near you, visit http://www.nybloodcenter.org/donate-blood/where-to-donate-today/

If you need a family practitioner, please visit www.chsli.org or call 1-855-CHS-4500.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Teaming Up to Keep Student Athletes Safe

Through our ThinkSmart!™ Concussion Management program, originally launched in 2010 at St. Charles Hospital, CHS is working to keep student athletes safe. Collaborating with more than 41 school districts across Long Island, ThinkSmart! offers baseline testing, community education, specialized treatments and rehabilitation for student athletes and other individuals at risk of or who have sustained concussion, a common but serious traumatic brain injury (TBI). ThinkSmart! was developed to help prevent concussion and safely return athletes to the field, when an injury has occurred.

“Concussion recovery is extremely variable, which is why we provide each patient with a personalized treatment and recovery plan,” said Dr. Jennifer Gray, co-director of the ThinkSmart! Concussion Program at St. Charles Hospital. “It is important to ensure complete recovery of our student athletes prior to return to sports to prevent potentially severe consequences, as well as to avoid long lasting cognitive and physical effects.”

To date, approximately 30,000 students have received neurocognitive baseline testing through this program. The ThinkSmart! team of clinicians from St. Charles and Good Samaritan includes emergency medicine physicians, neurologists, physical medicine/rehabilitation physicians, orthopedic physicians, neuropsychologists, nurses and physical therapists who work with student athletes and their families. Visit www.chsli.org and click through the “ThinkSmart! Concussion Management” link under “Services”/”Neuroscience” to learn more.

For a free copy of our Services Guide booklet, call 1-855-CHS-4500 or visit www.chsli.org.